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The Bridge Never Crossed-A Survivor's Search for Meaning


"The Bridge Never Crossed is the incredible story of George Burk's survival of a tragic plane crash, the unlikely series of events that saved his life, and his inspirational refusal to die . . . George has spent the balance of his life sharing what he has learned about work, leadership, faith, and the true meaning of 'quality of life'. He believes that angels walk among us. I believe that George is one of them." Joe Howard, Fire Chief, Rowlett, Texas "[George Burk's] determination and professionalism are examples for all of us to follow." A. M. Gray, General, U. S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps "What would happen if your life was a living hell? Read this book. George Burk has been to hell. Sharing his experiences and putting into perspective the precious commodity called 'life'. George shows us that when there are two outs in the bottom of the ninth, the game is far from over." Michael Kazyak, Dow Corning, Midland, Michigan "Thank you, George, for sharing your journey with us. You do make a difference in people's lives . . . I know, because you've made a difference in mine." Helen L. Campbell, Executive Director, State Firemen's & Fire Marshals' Association of Texas "Reading his book will rekindle your emotions, enhance your perspective, and very possibly change your life." Buck Riley, Basketball Coach, Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan "I thought I was going to be writing about a plane crash victim who had survived. Instead, I wrote about a survivor who had triumphed . . . Burk survived by reaching deep inside himself to a place he never knew existed and finding an energy he never knew he had. It is a place he has tapped many times since the crash. With characteristic courage, enthusiasm, and compassion, Burk shares his story, so that we may find our special place, too." Deborah Weisberg, Reporter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette




Laugh You Live, Cry You Die: The Sequel to The Bridge Never Crossed-A Survivor's Search for Meaning; A Burn Survivor's Triumph Over Tragedy

·  Paperback: 172 pages

·  Publisher: Science & Humanities Press (September 14, 2011)

·  Language: English

·  ISBN-10: 159630068X

·  ISBN-13: 978-1596300682

"This poignant yet hopeful sequel to Captain George Burk's "The Bridge Never Crossed – A Survivor's Search for Meaning" is impressive for its candor and detail of suffering. Much of the stream-of-consciousness text is reminiscent of James Joyce's writing. His story can inspire hope for critically burned patients and teach empathy and understanding for physicians, nurses, and care givers." David R. Sanderson, M.D. Scottsdale, Arizona "George Burk…draws the reader into the emotional and physical hell of a "crispy critter." Refusing to "cross the bridge to the other side," he chooses the rugged road to recovery. As his companion…readers share his suffering, developing an appreciation of true adversity… the courage and the perseverance to overcome it. Burk has become an inspirational messenger to audiences nationwide." Thomas W. Newsome, M.D. Dallas, Texas "Read this book! Leaders are all about survival…to forge ahead in spite of incredible odds. Deeply imbedded determination and uncommon strength has driven George to unusual heights in his life. He is an inspiration to all of us. I’ve known this inspirational man for decades. His life’s an example for us to follow and this wonderful book can change the reader in so many positive ways it begs a second reading." Les Griffin, Griffin Advisors, Westwood, Kansas "If you want to understand strength of character, share the life of George Burk. He has spoken to our future naval leaders over the past several years at the US Naval Academy with his story of strength, perseverance and courage. He eloquently summarizes leadership – "Leadership is not what to do, leadership is what to be." I am humbled at each opportunity to listen and talk with him as I know not if my strength of character would carry me along his same path. He is a beacon on which to guide our lives." Captain James A. Campbell, USN (RET), Annapolis, Maryland "Captain George Burk epitomizes the phrase "been there, done that" with regard to overcoming personal catastrophe. He’s a LEADER…and shares the wisdom learned through a multitude of challenges in an inspiring way. Readers are captivated by his prose…you don’t want to put this book down because you want to see how he’ll tackle the next obstacle. Our country needs more LEADERS like Captain George Burk!" Joseph J. Leonard, Jr., Lieutenant Commander, US Coast Guard, Houston, Texas "Life isn't always fair, but we must always deal with the cards one is dealt…Captain George Burk’s will to survive…with the efforts of many who choose careers to "make a difference," are a testament to the power of the mind, teamwork and one's faith…!" Gregory Noll, South Central Task Force, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Value-Centered Leadership: A Survivor's Strategy for Personal and Professional Growth



Change will happen. If you don't do what it takes to manage change, then change will manage you. Who should buy this book? "This book should be required reading in every Management 101 course. An easy read that gets right to the point. This is definitely one stop shopping for developing your personal, business and professional relationships." Michael Kazyak, Dow Corning Security Director, Midland, Michigan 'George Burk is ...the personification of courage and tenacity that stands tall in your memory, and can linger a lifetime. George Burk...possesses a special gift. He inspires greatness through one's own efforts.... he truly understands the concept of what a leader really is, and there are precious few like him among us today." Thomas P. Morrissey, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal (Retired), Phoenix, Arizona "Not only are his thoughts a must for the work place, they also have a distinct relevance to our personal lives. The only thing better than reading Captain Burk's articles is to be able to hear him in person." Helen Johnson, Executive Director, State Firemen's & Fire Marshals' Association of Texas, Austin, Texas "This book is filled with concepts that will improve a business.... managers will be better managers, employees will be more fulfilled, and the net result will be a better bottom line." Deborah Adams, CPA, Adams, Kvittem-Barr & Assoc. CPAs, LLP, Scottsdale/Carefree, Arizona "George Burk brings...a unique perspective....he offers insightful advice, enriched by humor, that many will enjoy and benefit from." Stanley Caine, President, Adrian College, Adrian Michigan





My Mother--My Friend: The story of a boy and the love of his mother: a Memoir

·  Paperback: 478 pages

·  Publisher: Science & Humanities Press (January 1, 2006)

·  Language: English

·  ISBN-10: 1888725095

·  ISBN-13: 978-1888725094


  My Mother--- My Friend is, above all a universal story of a mother's love for her only son and her son's desire and determination to make his mother proud.



About the Author

Who is George Burk? In 1998, Captain George Burk's USAF (Ret.) story of his experience as a plane crash and burn survivor, The Bridge Never Crossed–A Survivor’s Search for Meaning, generated an outburst of praise from everyone who read it. On May 4, 1970, George was the sole survivor of 14 Air Force personnel in a military plane crash. He suffered extensive burns, and multiple internal injuries. This motivational speaker and author returns with an-other book presenting many of the lessons and principles of life learned as a survivor and “overcomer.” George Burk is a highly decorated military officer and public servant who presently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, trainer and writer whose mission is to “entertain, inform, inspire and persuade.” As a plane crash and burn survivor, George Burk shares with you his experiences, principles, and values you can use on your journey; they are valid and work because George uses them in his own life. Whether you are a professional immersed in a search for organizational change, excellence, and quality improvement, or an individual looking for ways to improve your personal life, you will find invaluable information in Captain Burk's writings and speeches. In a refreshingly straightforward and sometimes humorous style, George Burk shares his unique insights and perspectives into effective leadership, meaningful change, core values, and what it takes to be an effective leader. He offers the suggestion, based on his unique experiences, that for any change to be effective, it must be sequential, that is inside out—not outside in. George writes that life is filled with joy and adversity. It is adversity which is part of life’s test, which makes us stronger. These adversities include obstacles, challenges and sufferings. He shares with you the idea that failure is not falling down, but staying down. the reader will learn the importance of a positive attitude, and how honesty, integrity and the deeply embedded desire to live play in a person's journey through life. Captain George Burk P.O. Box 6392 Scottsdale AZ 85261-6392 1-800-769-8568 website:

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