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With an estimated 18 million users of Eudora Light™ and Eudora Pro™, Eudora E-mail software is the most popular and proven electronic mail software on the Internet. Eudora Light is available as Freeware from the Eudora Website, and from authorized distributors.

Qualcomm does not provide hardcopy documentation or technical support for the freeware versions of Eudora. As a teacher, I have seen the need for hardcopy documentation to help in better using and better teaching the use of Eudora Light.

I have made an agreement with Qualcomm to produce and sell Eudora Light manuals as paperback books at prices adequate to cover my costs. My costs decrease with quantity and so there is a generous discount available for quantity purchases. If there is interest, I will also produce the MAC version.

Ask your bookstore to stock these for courses or order by mail.

I hope these help you as they have helped me.

Bud Banis, Ph.D.

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Perfect bound book, 5.5 X 8.5, 133 pp.

Eudora Light v 3.0 Manual (Qualcomm) ISBN 1-888725-20-6, 135 pp., 5½ X 8½, extensively illustrated.  $9.95
The Official Qualcomm manual in convenient paperback book ISBN: 1-888725-20-6     Eudora Light Version 3.0 for Windows User's Manual  $9.95
for larger quantities, please call (636) 394-4950

Also available from Buy the bookEudora Light V3.0 for Windows Manual


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